A brand is the tattoo left on the brain, the impression that is left when a brand name is mentioned.  For example, most people not only think of cars when BMW is mentioned, they also have an immediate impression of luxury, quality, power, affluence and history. Good branding will conjure your product in people’s minds, but great branding will convey a very particular and carefully crafted feeling or impression about that product – your brand identity.

In regards to your printing company, corporate printing forms an integral part in representing your business whilst maintaining your brand identity.  This is why in choosing Picasso Print and Design you can be sure that by using a professional printer that understands the importance of your brand, logo and marketing, all aspects of your printing will be produced to the highest standards ensuring consistency of colour and quality.

As print craftspeople, we pride ourselves on a superior quality product and that means looking after your brand to make sure your colours are matched correctly. Whether your job is suited to PMS colour or CMYK ( full colour printing), you can trust Picasso Print & Design to provide you with a superior colour match every time.

Spot Colour printing refers to the pre-mixed inks, known as PMS (Pantone Matching System) colour. This method of printing is most commonly used for corporate stationery and provides the best means of giving continuity of colour consistency for branding and corporate logos.

Spot Colour printing is best suited for printing that requires up to 3 PMS colours.

Full Colour printing uses the four process ink colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black, (CMYK) and combines these colours to produce full colour pictures. It is best suited when corporate logos use or exceed more than four colours.

It should be noted that most mainstream printers use full colour printing to emulate spot colour printing by converting spot colour electronic artworks to full colour. At Picasso Print and Design we do not use or recommend this technique as many spot colours do not replicate successfully in CMYK.

Some paper stocks can mark easily, but a varnish will seal the paper by laying down a protective coating, which reduce scuffs and marks giving you a more durable and better quality product.

Absolutely! Coupled with our technologies aimed at reducing environmental impact through our manufacturing process, we can provide a range of eco-friendly paper stocks and finishes to choose from to help further minimise the impact on the environment.

Yes. There are number of different shapes and sizes for you to select. You can download them here or, if you need something different, please give us a call and we’ll try and help you out.

Please call us and one of our print consultants will be happy to talk with you about your printing needs.

Yes, we have talented graphic designers to help you create whatever you need for your branding – new logos, stationery, flyers, posters, business cards and more.

Our preferred way of receiving artwork files is in a pdf document. Pdfs can be created on almost any system and are a very reliable method for supplying graphics files, because they lock in all the design elements. However, we can also accept files in Indesign, Quark Xpress and Illustrator if you would prefer.

At Picasso Print and Design, we specialise in the particular needs of the corporate sector, however we would be happy to speak with you regarding other print requirements. Call us today to see how we can further assist with your printing needs.